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Transforming witStrategies:
On-site and Remote speeches.

Unlike other health policy experts who propose fine-tuning traditional health care without solving its fundamental problems, Dr. Jeff Bauer has devoted 50 years to exploring the realm of possibilities for reallocating existing resources to eliminate waste
and create a healthier population.  

Dr. Bauer has made hundreds of successful presentations to professional association members, health system leadership teams, and medical business groups across the country and around the world.

He enjoys working directly with client’s meeting planners to align his presentations with general goals for the conference and specific objectives for individual sessions.

Dr. Bauer is available for on-site (in-person) or remote (virtual) presentations; fees available upon request.  His remote options include using the client’s technology platform or a commercial service, making live or pre-recorded presentations, and post-presentation interaction with participants as a group or scheduled individual conversations. In addition to customizing current keynote topics to meet a client’s specific needs, Dr. Bauer is pleased to develop completely new presentations on other topics within his areas of expertise.  All content is constantly updated to incorporate ongoing change in health sciences, technology, economics, politics, and other forces that shape the future of health care.

Testimonials on Dr. Bauer’s Speaking Events

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Featured Keynote Topics for 2020

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How to Create the Futures of Post-Pandemic Health Care: Rebuild vs. Reinvent 

This stimulating keynote explores specific challenges and opportunities for health care under circumstances that have changed dramatically in 2020.  It begins with practical analysis of why health care will be very different and how changes will vary across the country.  Dr. Bauer then presents an in-depth analysis of key trends in the health sciences, technology, economics, and politics, and he identifies the essential building blocks for transforming health care’s business models to meet unprecedented new demands.  Practical responses are explored from the perspectives of an audience’s special interests. This presentation is particularly appropriate for association conferences and health system leadership retreats.

Health Reform and the 2020 Election: Thinking Nationally, Acting Locally 

As a speaker who does not take sides with either party, Dr. Bauer presents a nonpartisan analysis of differences between reform’s rhetoric and reality. He explains what is happening nationally, what’s likely to happen next, and what to do locally in response.  Constantly updated to reflect the ongoing battles between interest groups in the context of changes wrought by the pandemic and economic collapse, the presentation focuses on implications and responses customized to the audience’s specific interests.  This content is not limited to health care audiences; it can be also presented from the perspective of non-health groups.

Not What the Doctor Ordered: The Imperative for Advanced Practitioners

Dr. Jeff Bauer presents compelling proof why consumers deserve direct access to specialized nurses, clinical pharmacists, physical therapists, and other advanced practitioners who provide their health services at least as well as physicians—at lower cost.  He shows why doctors’ old arguments against “mid-levels” are no longer defensible and why competition is the essential next step toward better and less-expensive health care for all Americans.  Although promoting independent practice for all qualified health professionals, Dr. Bauer concludes with real case studies that demonstrate the value of team approaches to health care delivery.  This consumer-focused speech is appropriate for audiences in any industry, especially specialists in human resources and employee benefits.

Not What the Doctor Ordered is available for purchase here or you can purchase the AudioBook.

“What already exists immediately around us is more important than all of our anxieties about what’s not there yet. The imperfection of reality is perfect.”

Kyle Chaka, Longing for Less

Transforming witStrategies

Dr. Jeff Bauer has gained national respect as a speaker and writer because he is different from other health futurists and medical economists.  Instead of parroting traditional “one size fits all” reforms for expanding access to a wasteful system, he proposes specific solutions for reinventing health care delivery and reallocating recovered resources to improve health through creative multi-stakeholder partnerships in local markets.  

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