Jeff C. Bauer portrait holding crystal ball

Health Futurist

Jeff Bauer’s complementary backgrounds as a weatherman and medical economist affords him a unique perspective. As one of earliest medical economists, Jeff is among the most widely published experts and frequent speakers in his field.

Jeff is pleased to collaborate with speakers bureaus and meeting planners who will then work directly with him at your request.

Jeff Bauer standing beside a painting in a gallery

Conceptual Artist

Jeff Bauer developed a unique style of word art that creates new colors and forms. His paintings have been shown at galleries in Chicago, Denver, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Salishan (OR), and Stoughton (WI).

Purchase original or replications of art work or commission your own work or art. High-quality digital prints are available upon request.

Jeff doesn’t work in isolation, far from it. One of many helpful assistants is the newest member of the team, Mocha.

“We find beauty not in the thing itself, but in patterns of shadows, the light and darkness, that one thing against another creates.”

Juniochiro Tanizaka, In Praise of Shadows