Jeff Bauer | Health Futurist & Conceptual Artist

Jeff Bauer has built a distinguished career by applying principles of creativity to health care and art.  Recipient of many national awards, he is widely recognized as a teacher, researcher, writer, and speaker on ways to improve the medical marketplace.  

He is now focused on speaking about strategies for real health reform and producing conceptual paintings that transform purposeful phrases into colorful kaleidoscopic images—making the verbal visual.  The common denominator of his provocative work in both areas is words.  

Recent News

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Jeff Bauer, Healthcare Futurist, in conversation with Futurist Ian Khan
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Health Futurist:

Transforming with
Speeches and Books 

With his complementary backgrounds as a weatherman and medical economist, Dr. Bauer brings a unique perspective to interpreting trends and developing strategies for improving the health of Americans.  He arguably has the best record of any health futurist in describing what is most likely to happen in the medical marketplace and how to develop strategies that maximize the changes for desired outcomes.  He is among the most widely published experts and frequent speakers in his field. 

Conceptual Artist:

Painting with Words

In recognition of his accomplishments as a medical school professor and administrator, Jeff Bauer received a Kellogg Foundation National Fellowship that allowed him to explore personal creativity by taking studio art classes in the 1980s.  He developed a unique style of word art that creates new colors and forms. His paintings have been shown at galleries in Chicago, Denver, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Salishan (OR), and Stoughton (WI).

About Jeff

Read more about Jeff Bauer as a leading medical economist and his “second act” as a conceptual artist combining words with art.

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